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Trendiest Spring-Summer Footwear Collection

Footwear holds a very important place when it comes to grooming one’s personality, these days, it’s impossible to keep up with the sneaker hype cycle, never mind every new immensely awaited launch. It is worth keeping up with wider sneaker trends, though, plus what’s going on with smart shoes. Why? Because change is afoot. There has never been more technology in our shoes, making footwear more technical and more comfortable at the same time. Smart shoes are getting more casual, while some trainers get dressier. And then there’s the stunning array of designs available today your footwear lets you communicate your style and your eccentricity better than almost anything else in your wardrobe. So, what are you wearing this spring-summer season? Have any ideas? If not, don’t worry. Following is the trend-setting spring-summer footwear collection you must get your hands on.

The Boat Shoe

Boat shoes haven’t been in the game for quite some time now. Regrettably, they’ve been stained with the ‘posh’ brush, and as any garment associated with old money can relate to, that’s not a good thing. But, enduring with the endless cycle of things coming back in fashion, boat shoes are enjoying a renaissance. They offer a sleek and old-school design that guarantees comfort.

Bold Colors

We’ve always found it easier to slip into color when the sun is shining. Whether it be Pastel pink or bright blue, people seem to enjoy the funky flare. It’s no wonder then that a number of footwear brands are dipping into their archives for a subtle summer reinvention by wallowing their classic profiles with a welcoming hue. Bold and bright colors are the future now, with people being open to more expressive footwear, wear them as a statement shoe, it defines the mood of the new generation.

Go Retro with Gum Soles

Retro trainers are the footwear trend that won’t quit, they have been with us for since the eighties and are here to stay. For the best part of the Eighties and nineties footwear fashion, gum soles have been a prominent feature. You see the toffee-colored sole on skate shoes and basketball shoes, retro runners and football casual trainers. All of them recall school memories and gym days. The gum soles are elegant and more importantly a comfortable option for one to choose.

Chunky is Comfy!

Chunky soles are not leaving us alone. We first saw them spurt in popularity a few years back, and now they’ve made their way on smarter shoes, which conventionally featured slim leather soles. These chunky soles give a bit of an edge to more formal styles, lifting them from the drop business implications they’ve often been associated with. Available in a range of different color profiles, they are accessible in white Vibram wedge soles, which are unarguably lightweight and comfortable, or you get cope yourself with more aggressive commando soles that are ready to tackle anything you throw at them.

With this diverse range of fashionable footwear, one is left spellbound, with the technology being introduced to the footwear industry, the world has advanced wearing the most extravagant shoes. You can get your hands-on amazing footwear and many more to choose from, through hotter discount code. Avail amazing discounts and enjoy the trendiest footwear on offer.

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