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Did you flog the new Boden? The giant postal order is trying to get rid of its olden looks and become a tad more fashionable.

• Boden will open its first Sloane Square store in London
• The Brand Remodel was created to attract more public with a creative approach.
• To gain the popularity for this brand Camilla Ridley-Day gave a new peak at the program to five women.

Boden has always been a brand that satisfies the dress wear of a busy working woman, thanks to the Breton tops & smart and also thanks to the elegant and delicate dresses they used to offer.

But now, that the brand is trying to redo its image by announcing the opening of a new line of fashion and branded clothing apparel at some of its new stores at Sloane Square in London, it tends to aim at a more style-oriented audience.

And by the looks of thing the fashionable giant has already started to impress the majority of fashionistas across UK, as the Duchess of Cambridge yesterday wore a shiny coral coat from the new 220-pound collection on an official visit to Great Ormond Street Hospital. But can Boden's new image conquer some of its most profitable customers? We took this to a test and offered its new line of clothing to five different women, each with a long history of Boden, a stylish change of dress with the clothes of her new assortment.

Jessica Arora

Jessica Arora, 35, is a fashion and modeling blogger who manages with her colleague Caroline Barton. Married to Adama, 37, owner of the events company, she has three children, aged seven, five and two years old.

Relaxing jeans with a simple floral embroidery, a colder pink blouse and a leopard-covered heels with rounded edges: Her reply was that: people will find it hard to believe that the look I’m wearing is from the good old Boden.

As a busy mom and a blogger, over the years, it has been easy to buy a lot of my Boden dresses from the same brand as kids. Typical clothing is the Breton striped shirt, casual chino pants and ballet shoes. It's simple and always looks smart.

The only drawback is sometimes people make fun by saying that a Boden dress or top is unreliable. It's fun to surprise them.

So I'm glad the store has created an incredible new clothing line. I think jeans and blouses are an exciting new direction, but they are fine and give the impression of being the quality I expect from this brand.

When my kids grow up, I can’t wait to wear even trendier clothes launched by Boden.

Rosie Wellesley

Rosie Wellesley-Wesley, 39, works in events related to fashion and personal shopping. She lives in London and is married to David, 36, who works in education. They have two children of three and six years old.

I always thought Boden was the older sister of a mom that offers old and drabby clothes compared to the shops on High Street, and it was not on my radar at first. But then, I had children and I started to buy ribbons and high Bretons from them. Soon, my eye attracted a special woman's collection they offered.

My first purchase was a gold duck shirt and since then I have bought many things for my everyday use. My vision of Boden is lined with white trousers and colorful and waterproof ballet slippers or Duflo; it does not get more classic than that, so I was pleasantly surprised by their latest collections.

I am extremely demanding with what I buy because I touch the edge of other simple models. Now you can combine all my navy, gray and black basics with small Boden colors, such as these modern red pants with waist pockets and a bow, lined up with a simple ruffle blouse, and I like that.

When people ask me where I availed them from, I'll be more than happy to tell them that it’s the new revamp collection from Boden.

Lottie Forrester

Lottie Forrester, 31, is an entrepreneur and mother of three from Bradford, Avon.

Now I do not work in the office, but many of my Boden dresses languish in the closet because they are too smart for the day to work from home or they are not stylish enough for a night out.

So I took the opportunity to try new, more modern lines. The clothes were not exactly what I expected. They are as colorful as the old Boden, but I think they are much more modern.

My favorite work was this silk shirt, while it looked quite dull on the hanger; as soon as I put it on, it looked gorgeous.

It is a style that can easily be accompanied with jewelry to wear in various colors and stockings, or down with stockings and floors.

And despite the new modern spirit, the clothes were more beautiful than ever.

Kate Stewart

Kate Stewart, 49, lives in Sussex and is CEO. She and her husband, James, age 53, have two children of ten and eight years old.

I want this Boden Clothing bought without thinking twice - it's so big because of the traditional prints and skirts that run around my feet.

This is a form of relief, as I find it increasingly difficult to find objects that I really like on their store floors in recent years: But they have now improved the authentic clothes like the ones I put in left leather jackets women's.

By the time my friends were married, in their early twenties and thirties Boden was always my top choice for wedding gifts. The choice was pretty good, I have never seen another guest dressed in the same dress.

But I would say that they went for a "retro mom phase" a few years ago.

Looking at this dress, I think their fashion game is up to date - it's amazing, neat and versatile.

Charlotte Dunger

Charlotte Dunger, 32, a member of Bristol's management team, is a mother of two children.

If you have children, everything is much easier to buy in one place. I choose dresses that suit the world. For example, this floating floor skirt (left) is mine old favorite. On weekends, I can add a decent sweater or a modern cardigan when I go to work. With two kids to drop off before I head to the office, I did not have the luxury to walk around.

Of course, the new range feels more modern. I tried a denim shirt with flared sleeves that looks different, but I think I'm turning around.

The edge of the pencil is not as different from the old one, but the shoes I prefer are shoes: they are comfortable and elegant.

Camilla Ridley

Style: Camilla Ridley-Day

Hair and makeup: Bethany Rich in MA C

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